Explains a lot !!! 1961

                                              What a smile!

And here she is again, umpteen years later, after her final marked performance at the Sydney Conservatorium. The smile has never changed. Go Jo!

                                                         New Zealand Sandracer 2013

                                            Phil Lloyd in Perserverance 1967  

                          Perserverance Hindmarsh Island 2012

                        Ruby 4th Generation in the same car 2012

                     U Beaut ready for the trip to the Alice 2000

                                         The Imp in Tassie

                               The “Special" McLaren Vale club run

                             Me and my old 1929 Roadster now owned by Matt Schoenfeldt

                     Egyptian Rego on Floppy to cross Egypt in 2008

                                          What sand? Sudan 2008

                                    My first Amilcar 1925 CC

                English road signs in Ethiopia help the tourists 2008

                    English safety signs help in Karnack Egypt 2008

                     Lyndall takes a picture of a sunset, on our trip 

                down the full length of the Murray, in tinnies  in 2013

                    Murray Mouth 2013 after 7 weeks and 1868 km

Dad, George Richard Evans, the day he bought the car 1934. The Story Starts.

                  Dylan 3rd Generation at RMCSA concourse 1983

               Phil on the U Beaut in the Coorong during the Antil 

             80th Anniversary Run from Fremantle to Sydney 2009

                               The 3 nines return from South Africa

                                     The U beaut at Ayres Rock

                                    My 2 seater Redwing 2014

                                   My 2 Seater Redwing 2014

And, on a trial trip up to Fylzphollie in preparation for it’s trip to South Africa in Oct 2017.

© Phil Evans 2015